Do I need a boating experience to hire a boat ?

No experience is required to hire our boats. Easy to control, easily fitted with a forward, reverse and steering wheel, the e boats are extremely easy to handle. Speed varies between 8 and 11 km/h wich allows everyone to steer very easily.

What happens if I want to cancel my booking ?

Only rain or emergency conditions can justify a refund in case of cancellation.


Is it really important to make a reservation?

Yes it is! We highly recommended you to book online to make sure we have a boat available for you.


Does kids are welcome on board ?

Of course they are! We provides life jackets suitable for all sizes (from baby to adult). A child counts as a passenger on board, regarding to the limit number of people on board.


Is it dangerous ?

Absolutely not! Our boats are very safe and our instructors will provide you all the safety instructions to ensure that sailing with other boats goes as smoothly as possible. Nearly 50 000 passengers have already tested our boats without any problems!


Does animals are allowed on board ?

We do not accept any pets on board, except guide dogs for disable person.


Can I bring food and drinks on board ?

Of course you can, it’s even higly recommanded to bring picnic on board! Reasonable alcohol consumption is authorized on board for passengers. However, it is not allowed, for anyone who steers the boat to drink alcohol on board.


Are we allowed to navigated by night ?

Our boats are not authorised to navigate by nigh. We do our best to adjust our boat schedules to finish as late as possible before sunset!


When is opening season?

We are open from the beginning of March until the end of October, depending on weather conditions.


Are we allowed to navigate on the Rhône?

The French legislation prohibits the navigation of freelicense boat on the Rhône. If you have a boat license, we will be happy to hire you a boat allowed to go on the Rhône!


I am under 18, can I hire a boat ?

Rental is forbidden to under-age people. You must be accompanied by an adult.


How can I pay my booking ?

We much recommended and appreciate booking and payment online. However, if you need to pay on site, we accept payment by cash and credit card.


Demandez-vous une caution ?

Nous demandons une caution de 400€ en chèque ou CB pour les bateaux sans
permis et une caution de 2000€ uniquement cb pour le bateau avec permis

Aucune caution en espèce ne sera acceptée.

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